Hayward Tristar VSP pump tripping GFCI breakers


Jul 16, 2014
Evansville, IN
Hayward SP3202VSP TriStar Variable Speed Pool Pump

Have had no issues for 3 years, installed in spring of 2017.
First started tripping breaker once a week, then it was as soon as it was reset.
I put in a new breaker and same results. Breakers are the Siemens 20A GFCI DP.

Before replacing the breaker, I took the cover off to check the wiring and there was water in there, so I'm sure that was causing the GFCI to trip originally. But I've dried that out and still having the same issue.
Gutter was overflowing and pouring down on pump.
Pump will run fine on a non GFCI breaker.

Not sure if the water caused more damage that I don't know about or not.
Not sure what else to look at.


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Jul 10, 2009
Houston, Texas
The water may have damaged the pump motor. You will need to check it with a voltage meter to see if it is pulling energy correctly.

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