Hayward Pro Logic 8 - Aqua Pod replacement Options???


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Aug 7, 2012
Missouri City, TX
I have a Hayward Pro Logic 8 with a wireless Aqua Pod controller. The Aqua Pod is starting to not hold a charge very long and the Docking Station for the Aqua Pod has one prong that is loose and the controller needs to be wedged with some paper to force it to contact the charging prongs and recharge.

What options do I have to replace the controller?





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Aug 28, 2012
Houston, TX
Steve, make sure your software level is high enough if you wish to consider this.

here is a link to the reviews and product, which is another 50:50 love / hate type relationship...I wish Hayward could make something that is truly good for the consumer and lasts long enough to obtain sufficient value...the phone App, per the reviews, is considered a mirror image of the outside console and is not phone user friendly. Meaning, there was no customization for phones just a pixel image...means little to know thought for user enhancement, additional value-add features, but of course maximum profit for Hayward bc it's nothing more than making your phone usable. Also, if you buy from Amazon, NO WARRANTY...the words Hayward and NO WARRANTY is not a value proposition for a consumer...so much of their products break and fail that you are really hosed...How does Jandy or Pentair products compare in general when it comes to true functionality, reliability and product support ? These are key items to consider when buying anything