Hayward cartridge pump O ring


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Oct 10, 2012
Maricopa, Arizona
Cleaned my cartridge filters (4) and SWG today. The pool cartridge holder keeps leaking at the hinges. Tried tightening, lubing, cleaning, hitting it with a hammer to tighten it as far as I could. Still leaking at the hinges. O ring looks in good condition. Hayward DEX2422Z2 Filter Tank Seal Metal Reinforced Guess I'll order one, can't hurt to have, hope it fixes the problem.

Nevermind, gave it one more try, took everything apart again, cleaned the o ring and the lip around the tank, both top and bottom, applied lube to the o ring, tightened it all back up, no more leaking. :kim: Canceled the Amazon order for the ring. At least now I know what part I need when the time comes.
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