Hayward Aqua Pod Remote Battery Replacment


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Aug 28, 2012
Houston, TX
Hello to all,

The battery on my Aqua Pod Remote was not holding a charge for too long, and I did a google search and came up w a link to, of course, TFP. It was started in 2011 and the last post was 2014. I was wondering if anyone has found an exact battery replacement either the same make/model that comes w the remote or a qualified OEM like replacement?

For your convenience, I have enclose the link: Goldline Aqua Pod Remote Control Battery replacement? [Archive] - Trouble Free Pool

I surely appreciate anyone's help. As noted in the link, I have tried pulling out the base-charger contact pins and used an eraser for the remote contacts...a bit of a positive result, but I need a new battery. It's also about 1 yr old since I've had it.

Thanks and pls advise, and a Happy Easter to all,
Hello, I just replaced my Aquapod battery with one that goes in an action cam like a go-pro and it works like a charm. You can also use 4 x rechargeable AAA batteries but it's more difficult to connect them. Also, the action cam batteries are Lithium Ion like the original LiPo battery. Make sure you retain the tiny PCB that the battery leads are connected to on the original battery and connect it to the new one.


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Aug 28, 2012
Houston, TX
Thank you very much - I appreciate your response and so does everyone else...

Pls keep us posted on your solution and if anything impacts your remotes operations, it would be good to know - otherwise, you nailed it !!!

Regards, tstex
It's been a few days now and everything is working perfectly. It's better that original since this is a higher mA battery and lasts longer on battery power.

FYI, this video https://youtu.be/w9FMOm83rLU helped with the disassembly and also the "modification" needed to fit the new battery. You basically have to shave off some of the support ribs inside the case to fit the thicker battery. It doesn't hurt the remote at all. NOTE: In the video, the guy uses 4 AAA batteries wired in series. I didn't go this route because 1. it's a PITA to wire them together and 2. they are NiMH and the original is Lithium and although you should be able to use NiMH batteries with the Aquapod charger, you may have to remove it after a while to avoid excessive charging. Basically, the Lithium battery is a direct replacement and presents no possible issues when charging.


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Jul 25, 2010
Mbrazeau, would you be so kind as to post specific information about the battery that you used such as the source and order number. Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Jul 21, 2014
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Re: Hayward Aqua Pod Remote with gopro camera battery replacement

Mbrazeau would u b more specific please, what model gopro camera for replacement battery, i've googled there's many, how does it fit into the connection on remote, do i need to modify the pcb from original battery. i bot a remote control car battery the store modified for connection, but it does nil, i'm a dunce when it comes to electronics. thank you