Having trouble with my ne 2000

maggie g

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Jun 15, 2010
having trouble with my ne 2000 do have a manual but the cell is not working called pool company who in stalled it want to charge for comming out still under warrenty even called basoc elements(basocelements.com) but to no advail. next will be emailing pool cmpy president the bbb in nj the jim donoven @eyewitness news do not have more options


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May 7, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!

What is the symptom that makes you say the ne 2000 is not working? The most common symptom is that the FC level is zero, but that can actually be caused by a number of different things, not just the SWG being broken. Also, posting a full set of water test results can help us spot what might be going wrong.

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