green to cloudy blue


Jun 27, 2010
freeville ny
I recently followed the advice I read here and got rid of a is now cloudy, and it had/has lots of gritty white stuff on the walls of the pool. This had been there all along and is falling off some since the chemicals got more under control.
These are my numbers:
fc 3.5
cc .5
tc 4
pH 7.4
ta 100
ch 90
cya 50

I backwash the sand filter daily and vacuum regularly.
Vinyl liner, 25,000 gallons in upstate ny
what else should I do?


TFP Expert
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Nov 5, 2008
Gritty white stuff? Was the CH really high?

Keep FC in the 6 ppm - 4 ppm range based on CYA of 50.

Have you passed the overnight chlorine loss test? If so, the clouds are dead algae and you just need to keep FC up to keep it totally killed. And have some POP, pool owner patience, as you let the filter catch up as it runs 24/7 to clear it all out.

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