green hair and 0 copper onwater test


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Aug 12, 2013
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Same problem here. Girlfriend has
Bleached hair. One swim and her hair was green gray tinted. Newly filled pool here in Los Angeles. No metal shows on any tests. No Algaecides have been used. Only liquid chlorine, cya, and MA have been used.

Not sure what's casuing it. Unless its copper ions transferring from the 1.5" copper pipes.... Bit the water is only a month old. I dunno.

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Mar 28, 2007
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It does sound strange, but the green is definitely from copper though chlorine can make it worse but only when there is copper present. This paper explains what goes on. Maybe the person with the blond hair had copper get into it from another source of water and then when exposed to the chlorinated water it oxidized some of the hair allowing for greater copper absorption. That seems unlikely. Has this ever happened before with her using any other pool? If she has used chlorinated pools in the past and not had this problem, then that would again point to something specific in this pool, not just chlorine.

You mention copper piping -- you don't mean just the copper heat exchanger in the gas heater? You have actual copper pipes instead of PVC in your pool? Was the acid ever added into the skimmer instead of slowly over a return in the pool?