Getting in pool to clean while MA shocking?


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Mar 23, 2012
My pool surface is rather rough (I'm guessing the CH level hasn't been checked before, and the surface has pitted a bit - the CH level was incredibly low when I tested it for the first time), and I'm shocking for mustard algae. In order to brush every surface that might have had MA I need to get in the pool, but I'm concerned about being in the water for up to an hour while the FC is 24 ppm or higher. Can anyone tell me whether or not this would be a problem?



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Mar 28, 2007
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Just wear an old swimsuit. Yellow/mustard algae shock level is similar to getting into an pool with 1.2 ppm FC with no CYA so not much different than some indoor commercial/public pools. Also, rinse off after you get out (take a shower and soak your swimsuit in mild soapy water). Don't forget to lower the pH (to at least 7.2 but not below 7.0) before shocking to a high level since using chlorinating liquid or bleach will significantly raise the pH (and you've already got what sounds like scale issues).