Getting a new vinyl liner


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Mar 29, 2007
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After 15 years We decided to replace the liner in our pool despite not having any failures or leaks. (Retiring and wanted to avoid the expense later). We have been using the BBB method of treatment for the last 14 years. Everything is automated with a CAT 2000 system to control FC and pH and we keep the CYA around 35PPM.
I have never paid much attention to the Calcium Hardness (Don't even test for it). Shocking the pool is not something we do routinely except after the winter (raise it to 6-8 PPM FC) and we maintain the sanitation by "Bens" chart (~~around 2.5-3 PPM FC).

When we drained the pool, and removed the old liner we found it to be very brittle and cracked when ever we moved it. I'm sure failure was imminent and didn't know it.

[/B]Would you consider this to be normal??, or have I missed something over the years???

Located in Central Pennsylvania


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Jan 17, 2012
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I'd say you have had a pretty good run with the liner for 14 years. You don't mention pH which plays a role in liner life but even so.... you've obviously done well by the pool and I would consider it understandable as I'm not sure there is a "normal" for a 14 year old liner.

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May 11, 2014
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Yea, I would say after 14 years it would be time for replacement.

It has probably been brittle for a few years, just fine as long as not moved. Once you started moving it around the condition became apparent.