Fresh fill, brown scum after using metal remover

Oct 21, 2011
So we have a new hot tub and we have a well that we know has metals in it as we have to put stain remover in when we fill our pool or it turns tea brown, fast. We filled the hot tub with fresh water from our well and put in the stain remover when we filled it. The next day we opened up the tub and there is the medium to dark brown floating scum stuck to the sides, the pads, the filter, etc. We washed the filter, let it run overnight, same thing, maybe less, but same. Cleaned it again, started it up and brown floating scum on the bubbles, floating scum.

I am assuming that this floating scum is sequestered metals since the spa was washed and rinsed out completely?

The pool filter seems to pull this out easily but this spa is not. What can we do about this? Is there a filter we can buy to run the hose water through to remove the metals before we fill it? So far, just filling this thing has been a ton of work and I can't imagine doing this every twelve weeks.

Is there something that this sequestered metal is attracted to that I could place in the tub to gather up the stuff?


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Jul 26, 2016
Vero Beach, Florida
Please purge and deep clean your plumbing with a good plumbing cleaner. You have more than iron in that mess. All new hot tubs are water and leak checked at the factory before crating and shipping. Colonization of Biofilm can occur within minutes and grows profusely inside the wet, damp, warm and dark internal plumbing. Purge every 4-6 months after that. Chlorine, bromine and other sanitizer can't eliminate biofilm from your tub. You need a hot tub plumbing cleaner to do the job. Many dealers don't mention this to new customers. Some feel this may be a turn off. The real turn off is after the customer realizes what they should have been told and weren't.