First time using muriatic acid.


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Jul 23, 2020
Today was the first time I used muriatic acid to lower my PH. Just want to thank the members here for making it so much easier than it could have been. It was a new bottle that I had set outside near my shed. So I gloved up, put on some goggles and then I rinsed the jug off, opened it and poured some into the pool. I really appreciate the advice to just put the jug in the pool and pour from just above the water. No splashing. No muss no fuss. Also appreciate the advice to just eyeball it. No measuring cup to deal with or splash to deal with. Didn’t need much of an adjustment so I just poured in about a cup, but if it’s a pint, no big deal. Also good advice to have a hose at the ready. Didn’t need it, but if anything did happen, water on hand would be best. After putting the jug back, I brushed the general area of the pool and the job was done. It actually seemed easier to contain than the granules I was using.

Anyway, thank you.