First time soon to be pool owner in Houston, TX


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May 21, 2020
Houson, TX
So glad I found this site. We are in the pre-build/planning phase of the process. Never owned a pool and this site has really help clear up some of those questions. I have updated my signature with the details as it stands now. One of the questions I still have though is what a salt pool will do to the things around the pool (I am not talking about the coping or deck). My wife is hearing from others that it will start to corrode things outside the pool (meaning several feet away and not in direct contact with the water). That just blows my mind. I understand that if salt water gets on metal that would be cause for concern but how could it impact things if that doesn't happen? What I am concerned with it is my smoker and grill which will be in the backyard with the pool. They are usually covered so I would think that would help with splashes of water. Just curious what others have dealt with and getting feedback from other SWG pool owners.

Also if there is a better section of the forum this should go in please let me know, happy to move it.

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome! :wave: I'ma new SWG owner myself having just taking the salt plunge, but I think we're more likely to see corrosion issues just form the normal humidity we receive in our region and from the moist air pushed-up from the gulf. I really don't see the minimal pool salt level of 3000 - 4000 ppm influencing corrosion around the property. If you do have more SWG-specific questions, you can always post them in the appropriate SWG sub-forum.
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