First time opening inground myself


May 28, 2017
Georgetown TX
I have always paid someone to open and close our inground pool. Previous house I opened above ground myself. I am having the sand replaced in March becauase I think there may be a broken piece. Once they do that I would like to open it myself.

First it has electric cover. It is pretty clean I have watched the guys scrub it and they always dump some dirty water back in pool. Inhave a shop vac so wondering best way to clean cover.

They literally stick the hose in, put the skim baskets in, prime the pump and tell me to start the filter when the water gets deep. I have to pay tobc close it because i do not have the tools to blow out the plumbing but is there anything difficult about opening?


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Nope, just make sure you remove all gizmos and gadgets they may have used to plug skimmers and any odd return plugs. Having never "closed" my pool all I can say with authority is that... everyone seems to do things a tad differently I read.
Make sure all drain plugs returned to pump and filter, your filter's multiport valve is on "filter" and not "closed" and your water level is at the middle of your skimmer box frame. Most all pumps are self priming but it takes a minute or so. Don't over tighten or you're going to regret that next time you try to remove it.
As for your cover yes, if your arms are long enough that the wand of a shop vac will remove the excess dirty water after washing, use it. I would remind you not to walk on it though. Skippy here uses a long handled soft push broom on ours.
You can remove the sand and clean it then reuse it. Sand rarely needs changing. Seriously.
I hope that covers it? Good to do it yourself- saves some coin!

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