First test kit readings


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Apr 26, 2018
Queenstown MD
started up NEW pool one week ago - have been using test strips until tonight

Water look great clear and sparkle

below are readings
FC - 7 - goal tweak salt cell down or pump run time down in next week after further testing
CC - 0 - mantain
PH - 7.8 - lower PH to lower TA?? suggestions??
TA - 160 - goal 60 to 80 see above on PH comment
CH - 250 - mantain
CYA - 20 - raise slowly to 70 - add approximate 70 oz of stabilizer in next couple of days through sock
Salt -3600 - maintain - this is Pentair recommendation
Borate - 0 - goal is 50 bought 25 pounds of Boric Acid to add to pool after get other numbers in line
water temp - 70 degrees

SW cell set at 50% - monitor and reduce pump run time or reduce setting to 40%

1900 RPM 22 hours
3250 RPM 2 hours
goal - reduce run time and low speed RPM BUT maintain enough flow for salt cell and heat pump - suggestions?
I like the two hours at high speed to get a good skim early 7:00 - 8:00 AM and at 4:30 -5:30 PM before night swim lots of leaves and pollen

In addition to lots of brushing side and floor - have ran robot cleaner three times in week one and pool is pretty clean

Open to thoughts and suggestion

Thanks for a great website!!!


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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
Welcome. Refreshing to see you off to such a great start in such a short time. When using Pool Math watch how seemingly subtle changes will affect your CSI and use that to guide your balance. Post a picture of your new pool.