first results with TF100


May 26, 2010
Ok, got my test kit today---so exciting to get a mini lab kit in the mail! Here's what I've got:

FC 19
TC 19.5
T/A 110
CYA 50
PH 6.8

Pool went from green to cloudy, I've been shocking with liquid bleach. I have LOTS of tiny floaties circulating around, so I put an old pair of pantyhose over the skimmer yesterday--very effective judging from the gunk I keep cleaning off of it. What's the next step in clearing up the pool?


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Apr 4, 2009
Welcome to TFP Rhonda...your pretty close. Keep the FC up around 19-20 until your water clears...although technically, you can go ahead and do the overnight FC loss test to confirm you are done shocking. Personally, I would keep it at shock level until clear.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Yeah, keep your FC up there. that'll require more testing and more additions of chlorine but you should see daily improvement if you'll hold your FC @ that level. Nice work!'re not that far awya from a sparkling pool.

Run your pump 24/7 and backwash/clean your filter as needed.