Filter and Waste works, Rinse and Backwash are slow.


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Jul 30, 2020
Montreal, Canada
Hello everybody,
im seeing a lot of good threads here but unfortunately, i could find one discussing my issue. I was wondering if someone could help me out or had some advice.

I have a broken Filter Valve (the spring inside broke, it was very old) and i replaced it 5 days ago.
5 days ago, water was clear and nice, now is all cloudy, very cloudy.

Pressure when in FILTER, is around 20psi; if i change it to Waste, it goes down to 0 but water come out fast and good (no issues here).
However, if i change to Backwash or Rinse, the water starts getting out at 20% what it used to be.

I opened the FilterValve and is all good (it was new but who knows right?). When i changed the Valve, i remove some dirt from the top of the filter. Could it be i drop some sand inside the filter line? i dont remember doing it but it could had been that?
No air leaks or water dripping, no sand inside the pool.
Chlorine is normal, PH is a bit higher than it should (which i'll reduce).

Any help would be really appreciated. :)


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Jul 10, 2009
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Glad you figured it out! If the plumbing is connected with hoses it would be pretty easy to switch them up, or if you had to cut through ridged pipe and re-plumb it could happen too, depending on how much pipe had to be removed.


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Jul 30, 2020
Montreal, Canada
It's not plumbed but "connected" to make easier the removal on winter (Montreal).

Funny part, i was doing it with my son to teach him how things are done. I was giving a lecture how we need to make sure we do the right thing, and this and that :)
I had to change everything the right way without him knowing :)
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