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Jun 23, 2009
We are on a well and the good news is the water softener is doing a fantastic job of taking the Calcium out of the water. The bad news is that the TA of the fill water is over 400. I wondered why my pH was staying at 7.5/7.6 but in the last couple weeks my TA has gone from 80 to 140 and I got it back down to 90. I had to add water as no rain has hit my pool in a while and WHAM there goes the TA.

Now knowing the TA is going to rise very time I add water, I'll have to add MA more often I guess...


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Jul 15, 2007
Eastern Pennsylvania
Did your pH go funky with the higher TA? If it didn't, you might just be able to leave the TA alone. 140 isn't so bad. But I see you have a SWCG and that might make a difference. I know nothing about those chem balances.

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