Equipment shortages? Hayward heater and lights and auto cover motor?


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Jul 14, 2019
Hickory, NC
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Hayward Turbo Cell (T-CELL-5)
is there really a shortage of all these things? I swear our PB waited until the last minute to order every single thing and now things aren’t showing up. I’m so glad our filter and pump are here!

he says he has ordered our Hayward heater every week for months and it hasn’t shown up. He has ordered a different brand that supposedly will work with our automation and he keeps telling us they aren’t putting it in the truck because it’s so big, but it’s on the way. Now he cant get our Hayward lights even though I was under the impression he had that already, so i figure he totally forgot to order them or he stuck mine in someone else’s pool and now can’t replace them.

our auto cover pit is in and the installer has the cover, but now I’m hearing they don’t have the actual motor.

anyone else dealing with this? Just our area of the country? Just my PB?