double cover to block the sun completly?????


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Jun 7, 2010
Im on day 5 of shocking the pool,,,, lost 4 ppm last night.. pool is getting clearer....cloudy in the deep end yet .. I did notice some algae in some of the wrinkles in the liner...

here is my dumb question... my solar cover is just about junk.. mice have been eating it like they are at a buffet....

If Algae loves sunlight and needs sunlight to grow....

could i take my winter cover(Which is black) and place on top..... over my solar cover during the day to completly block the sun....

thanks scott


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May 20, 2007
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If the solar cover is that bad, I'd chuck it now and leave it off entirely. It could be contributing to the problem if it's got algae in the bubbles.
Sunlight helps destroy CCs so you really shouldn't cover when shocking anyway.
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