Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus or Something Else?


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May 7, 2020
Help! Last season I never pulled the trigger on purchasing a Robotic Cleaner for my 32 foot liner pool because I was so confused by the entire category. This year, I finally decided on the Nautilus CC Plus. I like that:
  • It's efficient
  • Has a swivel cord (We can't easily see our pool from most areas of our house, so if the cord easily tangles, would be a pain to monitor it)
  • Seems to navigate around a pool very well
  • Sounds user-friendly
  • Filters the smallest particles
  • Doesn't seem to flip
  • It's fast
  • it has a 30 month warranty
  • Reviews suggest that it actually does get the water line, even though it's not indicated for that (although typically the waterline isn't really dirty on our pool anyway)
  • It's less expensive than the Dolphin Premier which I had been leaning towards.
  • Can buy for under $800
BUT I found this site and it seems some of the posts on the forum suggest other Dolphin models over the Nautilus CC Plus (like the S200, which I can't even seem to find for sale anywhere). Can someone help me understand, if the Nautilus CC Plus should be sufficient for me?

Also do I need a caddy? I'm unclear as to why I'd need it. We have a little pool shed and I figured I'd just store the vacuum in there and carry it the few feet into the pool? Am I missing something? I've been so thoroughly confused by this whole process, but we're opening our pool tomorrow and I'm determined to order something today. Appreciate any help!



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Jul 17, 2016
I have the Nautilus CC Plus that I use in my pool. It has been wonderful. If your pool shed is close to your pool, then I would skip the caddy. I keep my robot in a storage bin right at the pool so no caddy for me. It does climb the walls of my AGP but I would not call the cleaning at the waterline good. Now the bottom of the pool is pristine. The top sides you will still need to wipe off yourself.

Good luck!
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