Does Heater require a larger gas meter


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Dec 1, 2016
Porter, Texas
Our pool was completed last May, 2016. Since using the heater, it sounds like a jet engine taking off. My pool builder said he did not think we needed a larger meter. Recently, because of a leak in the main gas line, the gas people were out (Centerpoint-Houston). The meter man said we needed a larger meter. The one we have has a regulator for the house (8 lbs) and the pool heater also has a 8 lbs regulator. He said to operate properly the pool heater should be a 200 lb meter. When heating the pool or spa, the heater will close down for a few minutes then come back on until the temperature reaches the set temperature. Questions: 1) does this sound reasonable?, 2) could the smaller meter be causing the loud noise? 3) My previous heater on our old pool just ran until the pool/spa reached its temperature. Will a higher output meter solve this problem?
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Mar 4, 2015
Sugar Land , TX
I had to have Center Point install a larger gas meter. I have a 400 btu pool heater, outdoor fireplace, fire bowls around pool, 100k btu grill, gas dryer, central heat, and gas stove. They said with all that demand I needed more ( not that all is on at same time ). I read somewhere if you do not have enough gas volume to your pool heater it can " soot up" ( someone correct me if I am wrong on that ). I have never had a flow issue even with multiple units on. Center Point charged $350 for the meter!


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Jun 23, 2016
Millville, NJ
Probably - I had to have a larger meter installed for my 400k btu heater. The gas company came out and upgraded it at no cost to me. It is big enough to add a gas grill and fire pit in the future (or so I was told).

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Feb 3, 2017
South Carolina
My gas company bumped up the incoming pressure and installed a bigger regulator on the output side, it was like a $100. I imagine each regions service is different though, if the tech said you need a bigger meter go with it and see if it resolves your issue.