divot in pool bottom....can it be fixed?


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Jul 13, 2007
Got such great advice here about a plumbing issue that I fixed successfully using a little known "Jedi" plumbing trick that I thought I would ask about another nagging problem. Last summer, our teenager and his friends got a little rough with the basketball goal and the whole thing tumbled into the pool. We noticed a pretty sizeable divot (about fist size) where the base hit bottom. We have a liner pool with vermiculite bottom. I amwondering if there is a "trick of the trade" that could be used to get the area smooth again. You can really only see it with the lights on but we know it is there and although it looks OK, I guess it could be contributing to some of our water loss. I have looked at it under water and I don't seek a cut or tear but can't be sure. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Jun 22, 2009
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No way to fix it but; you can do a little leak detection. Take a bottle of food coloring (red seems to be the preferred color) and get real close to the suspected spot and squirt a little out of the bottle. If it just hangs around as a cloud there's no leak. If it gets sucked out in one spot there's your leak.

If you think you're losing water to other than evaporation you can perform a Bucket Test to confirm or deny it.