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Jul 5, 2010
hi :wave:

need to build a deck by the pool, I see some suggest useing IPE but am not sure if I can even get it in Wisconsin, are there any good composites out there that I can use?

should I go over the top of the pool edge or under, seen pick of but ways.



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Jan 24, 2010
When I built mine set the flooring a little lower were top of pool was sitting on the decking..worked very well!!!Composite material is a little higher but I feel that is very well worth the money if you are planning to be there for a while....My deck has been up for 9 yrs now...Iused wood decking ..It has seen it's day!!!I'm thinking about pulling it up this fall and putting composite down!!!Good Luck!!!


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May 16, 2008
Southwest OH
We also used composite and are very happy with it. Some people say it gets hot and it does to a point but one splash of water on it and the problem seems to go away :-D We went with under the coping as well and like that look.
Whatever you decide to do I'm sure you'll enjoy! There is nothing like a nice deck around a pool....


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Mar 7, 2010
Quakertown, PA
My deck's pressure-treated, but, I set the decking at the same level at the pool rail with about ¾" of space between them. Used a 1×3 to set the space.


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Jan 20, 2008
Northeast Florida
With composite you can't easily overhang the edge of the pool because the decking is less rigid and needs support. With the IPE you could cantilever it over the top rail. It is important to make sure the liner can be replaced without destroying the deck, and how to do that best that will depend on your pool model.

We have a tex deck underway with a similar pool type (PVC toprail with "clamshell" trim at the pillars) Our decking will slide flush underneath the top rail and the top clamshell . We are removing the bottom part of the clamshell.


Jul 8, 2008
I just built a deck out of tigerwood from Advantage Trim and Lumber in New York. It is about half the price of IPE. Advantgage will ship anywhere via Con Way trucking. I had them ship it to my work...much cheaper than home delivery. Then used a truck from work to take it home. The Tigerwood was about $2.00 per linear foot. I stained it with TWP 100 series stain. It is the only stain that can penetrate the South American Hardwoods. Go to and check the forum for porches and decks...a wealth of info. Do what John Mon says....he knows his stuff.



Jul 8, 2008
With TWP, the manufacturer recomends two initial coats, "wet on wet". Not sure how one is supposed to do that, but what I did was first coat, let dry and let the sun beat it up some, then second coat about 6 weeks later. TWP 100 series is a resin based stain high in VOC's. It sticks very well to wood as well as itself. In six weeks the sun started to bleach out a small portian of the deck so I thought it was time to add the second coat. That was two months ago, and the second coat really did the trick. The sun so far has not faded any of it. Everyone asks what kind of stain I used as the rain and pool water simply puddles on top of the deck and waits to evaporate. Kind of hard to find, only one paint store in Michigan carries it, so I simply ordered it on line. About $23 per gallon. Used slightly less than one gallon for first coat for a 300sq ft. deck. The second coat only used a little more than a quart. Very happy with this stuff. I have some pics in my phone, will try to upload them later. They have six colors availiable, and they can be mixed together for a custom color if you wanted. South American hardwood can seem a bit intimidating to work with, but it really is not. Just follow John Hyatt's posts on and do what he says.

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