Dead Dolphin


Apr 9, 2007
Toronto Canada
My Dolphin Diagnostic 2002 robot died today. :cry:

It's only about 3 years old....I think it is the control board because it starts pumping, then moves a bit, then dies.So the pump and the motor are both able to work.

I bought the Dolphin because I got a good deal on it on ebay and my Aquabot was getting old and I abuse it.

Well, the Aquabot has needed a few minor plastic parts, but it is still going strong after about 10 years.

The lesson from this is to stick with the Aquabot brand. Forget about the Dolphin.

I went to the Maytronics site....still have no idea who or where to get the Dolphin serviced, but I doubt it will be worthwhile to fix. :cry:


LifeTime Supporter
Apr 22, 2007
RIP Dolphin. LOL!

I was torn between ordering the Aquabot Turbo T4 or the Blue Diamond RC. I ordered the BD but haven't received it yet. I sure hope I get the longevity out of it that you get out of the Aquabot.