DE filter closing question - North East



I have the DE filter fingers soaking in TSP right now, and will give them an acid bath later today.

Should I mount the top and tighten all the bolts, or should I leave it loose?

Last year, I left it loose and left the filter on its stand. I tightened it in the Spring. This year, I've put the pump in the shed and will also remove the filter. Just not sure whether it's better for the o-ring to be tight or loose. I suspect that it's better to be tight but want to do the right thing. It will be protected in the shed but will reach freezing temps in there.



PS - cleaning the fingers today was much easier than it was last year -- there was very little DE attached. I think it's because I cleaned it again in May or so.


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Mar 29, 2007
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Sue, you can do it either way - the important part is lubing the o-ring with Teflon or silicon based lube and not letting it get stretched out! With the 'bump' filters, I like to reassemble them before storing, just make sure that the top is oriented properly :wink:

Hope we'll still see you around here this winter :goodjob:


Thanks. Good to know about the silicon lube. And yes, I put it back on its stand and lined it all up when I realized that I wasn't sure about orientation. That would be a real drag to do all those bolts and have to redo it! Will work on bolting it back tomorrow.

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