CYA Testing / K-2006 kit


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May 8, 2016
So I acquired a pool with our new home and the prior owners used pucks and powder shock so I know I have extra CYA. They were also using Pool Perfect weekly if that matters. I opened the pool last week and have been trying to avoid draining the pool figuring with regular back-washing of the sand filter and rain we will get there by year end. Right now the water is sparkly blue with no hint of algae. Current test results below as much as I have tested.

FC: 12 (I'm using bleach to keep it here)
CC: 0
AK: 80
PH: 7.4
TH: from memory 200? It was high
Borates: (I added) roughly 40. Hard to read strips but I put 21 boxes in plus required MA.
CYA: Somewhere around 100 as below

Now to my question on the CYA test though for the Taylor K-2006 kit! First it says to use 7ml of regent and the kit only comes with 22ml. So you only get three tests? Second, I did the test undiluted at first and got a reading of 100. I have read that over 100 is not very accurate so I took that sample and poured out half and filled have with tap water, then re-tested multiplying the results by 2. Is that sound judgment or do I need to start the test diluted? The result of my second go around was ~90 (45 multiplied by 2).

I'm hoping to get a good read on the CYA so I know the best (if not proper) level of FC to maintain.


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May 14, 2015
Cartersville Ga
Unfortunately, the lack of some of the tests is the reason we suggest getting either the TF-100 or the 'C' variant of the K-2006. To properly do the dilution test you need to start with the pool water again, dilute it 1:1 then use that in the mixer bottle along with the reagent. Then double the result.


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May 13, 2016
My K-2006 came with two bottles of the CYA reagent. Those two white capped bottles in the back are the same thing. That doesn't change the fact that you don't get that much, but you will probably get at least 7 tests out of the kit instead of 3. Also, from this, Pool School - Test Kits Compared, it doesn't appear that the K-2006C would have been better for CYA testing.