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Jun 9, 2008
Hey All,

Just a short note to introduce myself. I have a 18 x 36 inground pool that we have had for 9 years. I installed it myself and just installed a new liner myself this year. Found the info about liner installing and such on the net and ran across the BBB method of maintaining the water chems.

My first couple years I really struggled with the water....then a nieghbor told me how to get things straightened out. I used the Pucks (Sam's Club) and soda ash (bought in 50# bags from a chem co.) and baking soda from Sam's Club. Plus Algeaside (Sam's).

But Now I will be trying the BBB Method. I looks easy enough and cost should inprove.

I live in Central KY,



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Apr 1, 2007
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Welcome. Glad to have you here. You'll save some money...probably starting by using very little, if any, of the algaecide. More on that as you read and have more questions.