Coping Repair - What to use?


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Mar 24, 2021
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Hey Everyone,

New pool owner here and still very green around all things pool related. I used to be in the pure water industry, so water chemistry is not so much a problem for me, but the construction/building material/repair aspect is a whole other beast. I am currently in the process of looking to doing some repairs myself. I have some flagstone coping that is coming apart that I need to glue back down and re-grout. Problem is, what do you use as grout around the pool? I hear soooo many different options being throw around. Went to Home Depot yesterday and they told me to just use some Mortor Mix(link), but does that work? The original owners left a bag of Sanded Grout in the shed, maybe this is what they used since the existing grout does look pretty sandy? Just want to be sure i'm using the correct materials. I will be gluing the stone down with construction adhesive since I don't have to build the stone pad(grout beam?) up at all.

Once that's all together, I will be removing all the expansion joint caulking, reinserting 3/4" backer-rod, then use the self-leveling sealant the seal it all back up again. Just adding in this detail to see if you think I'm missing something. My biggest concern is the grouting aspect and getting that right. Any help would be much appreciated. Pool contractor said I have no more than 5 years left on the plaster(bunch of spots where the plaster is coming apart), so I just need the coping grout to last at least 5 years I guess. I attached some photos for reference.

Thanks in advance!


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Jun 25, 2020
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For grout, you could look for a liquid grout in a tube. It might be tough to get a color match, though. I am sure sanded grout will work, too, but you'd want to seal that when it cures.

I have also repaired my concrete coping using a 2 part concrete epoxy. I am sure that the construction adhesive will for for a while, but it may not last too long. If it fails, consider an epoxy.


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Jul 8, 2010
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The primary repair should just use Sand Mix and maybe a little bonding agent additive. The mix should be like cookie dough kind of dry and crumbly - not wet.
This is what the original install was and the spacing between the stones. The back side seems to be some type of grout or epoxy.

Put down an inch or so of your mix (so it would be near level .. a little higher and then use a rubber mallet to set the stone with a few blows.
Use a masons thin trowel 1/2 inch to smooth the joint between the stones and on the (pool side).
Let dry and just keep off it for a few days and all will be good.

I have used Urethane block adhesive to reset many coping stones/ and natural stone that had just separated from the bond beam - with the mortar attached to the stone.
This works very well.
Again put a few beads down and pound down with a rubber mallet.


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Mar 24, 2021
Santee, CA
Hey Guys, thanks for the responses, although a little over my head still. So would the Sand Mix be different from the Spec Mix I showed a photo of? Would that be used to set the stone and as the grout basically? Or would I have to add grout as the final step? Would I then have to seal this after it dries?

Thanks again!


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Mar 24, 2021
Santee, CA
Ok, did some more reading and found some more videos to watch. Spec Mix has the cement, lime and sand already pre-mixed(wary of all-in-one's), but that sounds like what I need. Would I use this mortar underneath the flagstone to set it onto the bond beam and then use it as the grout as well? I believe that is what @blakeusa as mentioning above