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Mar 5, 2008
I recently moved into a home that came with a 18,000 gallon pool. However the water is very cloudy. I have tried shocking, clorine, and have had the water tested at several different pool supply stores. The water is excellent...its just cloudy. Does anyone have a suggestion for getting clear, clean water?


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Apr 1, 2007
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Hey, Wol,

Welcome to the forum. Cloudy water can have about a hundred causes. There's no long-term reason for your's to stay cloudy but without knowing where your current parameters are, it's simply a wild guess as to the cause.

If you could post current numbers for chlorine, pH, CYA, total alkalinity, and calcium, I'll bet there's a bunch of folks here who can help get yoyur water crystal clear.

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Mar 28, 2007
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The best thing you could do for your pool is to get a good test kit, such as the TF100 in my signature, or the Taylor K-2006, and take matters into your own hands!!

If you have shocked, and your other numbers are indeed correct and in range (as Dave says, post those results so we can better help you), you may simply need to keep filtering out the dead algae, which is white/cloudy.

Also you will need to clean your filter media from time to time... perhaps it is time to backwash??

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May 20, 2007
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just a stab in the dark, w/o mention of what filter type or chemical levels (assuming they are all in check), i would have to say that you more than likely have a DE filter. if that is true, then its either completely full and the gauge is shooting off the charts, or there is a hole in the filter inerts. the hole can be in a variety of places, be it in one of the filter grids or in the breather valve or in the manifold. i personally have experienced a hole in all 3 of these spots and although the pool chemicals are in check, the pool will never get clean since the algae is just being poured right back into the pool and not getting filtered out. even the tiniest of holes will cause the pool to almost never clear up.

so, if you wouldnt mind enlightening us, what kind of filter do you have and also, can you post your chem results from the print out from the pool store?