Cloudy pool help. Full tf-100 results posted


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Jul 9, 2011
I am really wanting to catch the sparklypoolitis and right now and just frustrated and maybe just impatient.

The past two days have be very windy adding lots of leaves to the pool I had my mx8 vacuum and hand skimmed them out in the mornings.

We had about 20 kids in the pool yesterday and the pool was fairly cloudy all day. We can see the bottom but just is not clear. At the end of the day I added a full jug of bleach. ( that is probably why the high clorine today.)

The pools is a 30000 gallon 20x40 vinyl swg pool. I have a triton tr 100 sand filter and have back washed recently. Here are results.

Fc 7.5
Cc 0
Tc. 7.5
Ph. 7.5
Ta. 100
Ch. 250
Cya. 5? I have added this over the last month and now it starts to measure slightly. My wife is picking some stabilizer up as I type.
Temp 82

How can I get this thing sparkly?


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Jul 21, 2011
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If it's need to shock. How much CYA have you added this last month? We need to first figure out why this number is so low? Most of the other numbers look nice. (but watch the CH levels)


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Apr 1, 2007
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We need to first figure out why this number is so low?
I suspect it is because OP has not ever put any in.

rhumba, you need to shock your pool. Don't try to do it with the SWG, it is not capable. Bring your CYA up to around 30 and shock the pool according to the article in Pool School.

Once your water is crystal clear, then bring CYA up to around 60-70 and then turn on SWG to maintain FC around 3-5ppm

Next big party, increase FC up to about 10ppm BEFORE the party and you will have better success. :lol:


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Jul 9, 2011
It is a new pool so figured that is why cya is so low. I started with half a container or the Walmart stuff in a sock and after a week there was no difference. Since then I added the rest and now the test is cloudy but doesn't register but I estimate it would if it went to a 5.