Closing an inground vinyl pool in northern Alabama


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Jul 25, 2011
Huntsville, AL
I just had a pool put in 2 months ago. Prior to this pool I had an inground vinyl pool for 13 years so I'm fairly familiar with maintenance. That said my current pool has a SWG and a cartridge filter. My previous setup was a sand filter and I used the BBB method to maintain it. In the past I would drain the pool below the returns, blow out the lines, cap the returns, put a gizmo in the skimmer and drain the sand filter and pump. issue is. My current pool does not have a way for me to drain it. After the pool was complete the builder came over and ran over the equipment with me. He stated that because the pool equipment is higher that there was no need to drop the water level, blow outlines, etc, etc. He stated if I wanted to do that I could buy a PVC valve and install it and turn the pump on and drain the pool that way.

Is there anyway to safely close my pool as it is currently set up? Can I just remove the plugs for the pump and filter and then pour antifreeze in the 2 skimmers and put in the gizmos? Will that suffice?

I know I could just not "close" it and make sure that the pump and booster pump ran when temperatures approached freezing but I would prefer not to do that. Although, I have done it in the past.

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Jun 22, 2009
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Here's what I'd do providing that the plumbing leaving the pad is below the frost line (which isn't very deep where you are).
1) I'd drain the plumbing toward the pool.
2) I'd get as many gizmo's as you need and then I'd take a shop vac or leaf blower (or a pool blower if you have one) and blow the skimmer lines toward the pool and install a gizmo in the skimmers while it's blowing.
3) I'd then open all the drains and plugs and blow out the pumps, filter, etc.
4) I'd remove the filter pressure gauge and take it inside or just take the whole filter top inside.

The more water you can get out of the equipment the better off you'll be.
That should take care of it for the amount of cold weather you'll be getting.