Clear opening do I slam?

Opening after the winter in KY. Water was clear this year! My PH is 7.4 FC was 1.5 CC 0 cya was 50 alk was 50. I am adding cya and added chlorine based on the calc to bring my FC up to 5. Do I need to slam at opening? Or only if I have CC?


TFP Expert
Feb 3, 2014
Central Minnesota
What I do every year when I open is bring the FC up to shock level, then check the FC and CC 30 minutes later (usually in the evening). If I see CC at 1 or above, I'll do an OCLT. Otherwise, I'll just let the FC drop back to normal levels and go into maintenance mode.

With your water being clear, no CC and some FC remaining, you could likely just go right into maintenance mode. Especially since your CYA looks good still too.