CircuPool Fan runs even when not producing chlorine?


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Nov 7, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK
I just finished installing a RJ30+ and realized how noisy the fan is when I turned the system on. The unit is mounted to the back of the house, next to my daughter's bedroom and I can hear the humming noise from inside of her bedroom. Not good. I should have gotten the Edge instead if I had know there was a mechanical fan in there (by the way, when designing electronics this is called an afterthought, who would think you'd need a fan when you have a giant heat sink? They probably didn't design it right in the first place and added a fan to improve thermal issues. And then they made the Edge...).
Now I'm trying to return my RJ, we'll see.
Seems like you may have an issue. I know the fan is running in mine, but it's very quiet and can only hear it when I put my ear right up to it.