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Jun 29, 2010
I have an above ground intex pool (3800 gal) with a SWG. I have had it for about 1 month now and havn't had any trouble maintaining the levels. Now, my chloring keeps reading <1. My SWG runs for 5 hours and shows no indications of problems. I have also added bleach recently. The CYA levels are reading normal, but I don't know why the chlorine level is so low. Any suggestions?


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Nov 18, 2009
Sacramento, CA
It is hard to say without a full set of readings (FC, CC, CYA).

My guess is that the FC went below minimum for your CYA and you now have a low level of algae. This causes the biological chlorine demand to exceed what your SWCG is generating so your FC is always low.

I recommend shocking with liquid chlorine (bleach) per the pool school shocking instructions (link in my signature) to get ahead of the algae, after which your SWCG will again be able to keep up with the chlorine demand.
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