Chlorine Cost Comparison Calculator


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Apr 20, 2017
In my short time doing TFPC, I have found it difficult to price compare chlorine costs because of different concentration amounts and jug sizes.

For example, are two 121 oz jugs at 10% concentration for $6.50 a better deal than one 121 oz jug at 8.25% for $2.99?

In an attempt to solve my problem, I have been working on an excel spreadsheet that will allow me to price compare between two stores.

All you have to do is plug in the concentration, number of bottles, oz per bottle and price for both stores and it will tell you which is a better deal. It also says, how much the price at the more expensive store has to be in order for it to be an equal bargain. Lastly, it shows what the equal price would have to be for the same quantity but at different concentrations.

Here is the file, and I welcome any feedback especially if anyone notices any errors. I'm happy to make changes if it is something I am capable of doing in excel:

Chlorine Cost Comparision.xlsx - Google Drive

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