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Jul 7, 2010
I am in the process of putting a inground pool. 20X41X28. I have a few questions.

1. Chemical free pools, does anyone know anything about them here is a link to one that sounds good but I would like a second opinion. I found another one I did some research and they are filling bankrupcy, so I do think they are a good choice, but the technology seems interesting. My neighbor has a flowtron unit in his pool and seems to be working well for him. This is more of a chemical reduces not a chemical free. Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

2. DE Filter, Sand Or other?? I live in the West Tn area and I have 2 Oak trees about 30' from where the pool will be. Does anyone have a recommendations for my area, DE sounds good but will I have cleaning problems?

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Jun 22, 2009
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You do realize that water is a chemical, right?

If you're talking about chlorine free pool you won't get much help here. We like swimming is sanitary water.

There are only three approved sanitizers Chlorine being the most popular and it's very safe.

You ever wonder why the water you drink contains chlorine. Because people died from drinking the water before they started putting it in there.

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Both EcoSmarte and Cl Free use copper ions (from copper ionization of electrodes) along with an electrolytic oxidation system. There is no fast-acting sanitizer in the bulk pool water -- none, nada, zip. Copper ions do not kill quickly enough to prevent person-to-person transmission of disease and are 40 times slower than typical chlorine levels in killing most bacteria and essentially copper ions do not inactivate viruses. Read what Australia has to say about copper and silver ionization systems in this link.

All commercial/public pools in the U.S. are required to use one of three EPA approved fast-acting disinfectants that pass EPA DIS/TSS-12: chlorine, bromine, Baquacil/bignauide/PHMB. Residential pools are not regulated -- you can soak in raw sewage as far as the government is concerned.

The EcoSmarte website uses tactics of deceit. For example, they will refer to the copper "sanitizer" as being recognized by NSF and the EPA, but do not tell you that copper is a registered pesticide for use as an algaecide and NOT as a standalone disinfectant for swimming pools. Every NSF Standard 50 certified copper/silver ion product (see here) requires at least 0.4 ppm chlorine or 0.8 ppm bromine. The Cl Free site at least does not tout nor claim to be as sanitary as a chlorine pool, but they also don't tell you that is isn't as sanitary nor that their system cannot be used by itself in any commercial/public pool in the U.S.


Apr 6, 2010
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Perhaps what you are looking for is a salt water generator (SWG) where you use salt and it converts to chlorine. You will need to add chemicals to protect plaster and CYA to keep the chlorine level at a level so that the sun doesn't flash it out, but these are start up additions that you check and level every now and then. Also you would have to alter the PH which can change, but from what I understand, an SWG has less swings. An SWG would save me from adding chlorine frequently and is on my wish list.

I think the misuse of chlorine and other pool chemical standards is why this site has devoted followers to its information. From what I understand via google searching, the bleach/liquid chlorine we buy is made from saltwater and packaged for us. When you look at the recommended levels page on Pool School, know that the numbers other than PH are parts per MILLION - for FC chlorine it is 3-7.

I've had to periodically talk myself and my husband down a bit abt the chlorine. We are the kind of people that have always avoided using bleach as a household product because it irritates us, I even prefer to drink spring water cos I can taste the chlorine in tap - and I live in a place with some of the best tasting tap water. I grew up where my mother would bleach everything when my dad went out of town only so I'm had a lifetime of seeing chlorine as evil. Meanwhile, we have fantastic water in our pool using bleach from a sensory standpoint. Not having to worry about it breeding ick is a major plus. Sometimes the truth is more than we like emotionally but it is just like cooking a meal at home - you know what's actually in there.

Read around some more to feel out the filtering pros and cons. If you are worried about being around chemicals DE is something you should not breathe in when you handle it, otherwise inert when wet. Not really a big deal but it might be a factor for ya. What are your reasons for looking for "nonchemical"?

I'm new so everyone feel free to correct me! Okay, retreating back to my little island of a world.....and turning off the pool pump!


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Jul 10, 2009
I've gotta agree with the advice you've been given so far. You really need that minimal level of chlorine in your pool as a sanitizer, not copper or other metals that make your hair turn green. The most important part of pool ownership is to ensure that you can test your water and maintain proper levels. As a SWG user, I have to say that these systems seem to be the easiest method to maintain the correct level of chlorine without having to regularly pour jugs of bleach or liquid chlorine into the pool. Check out the pool school article on SWGs, and the SWG section of the forum for more info.


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