Chemical Cleaning of Sand Filter

How can I tell if chemical cleaning of our sand filter is necessary? It's about 6 years old and has had sand added one time that I know of. No special cleaning chemicals have ever been used. Clean pressure is 19 psi and is partially caused by a "too large" pump, 1.5 inch pipe for a portion of the return line and only two returns.

The Tagelus filter manual list the following products to remove oils, scale and rust: Filter-Cleanse, Filter-Free, Kleen-It. Any specific recommendation among these, or others?

I'm about the remove the multi-port valve to check the sand level and "look" at the sand. What should I "look" for to know if chemical cleaning is required?

Thanks for your advice!


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Apr 3, 2007
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What chemicals are using in your pool ?
If you are using just chlorine and the sand filter is working I don't see any need to clean the sand...I would look for any kinda "krud" sitting on top of the sand or any channelling of the sand. If you are backwashing and rinsing after the backwash you shouldn't have any real problems with the sand...If you would like to filter a little better you might think about adding a little DE to your filter...If you want to add the DE post in a new topic and you can get the pros, cons, and how to from several members here.


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Apr 1, 2007
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I'm in complete agreement with Steve. Backwashing should get 80-90% of the junk out and your judgement of the sands condition (and proper level)when you open it up will complete the process. I open my filter once each year and it's always looked acceptable. Haven't added any sand for four years.
Thanks folks. I've used nothing but the normal chlorine products (bleach, tri-chlor, cal-hypo) over the life of the filter and no other "stange" chemicals. So, I'll take a look when I get it open and hopefully find the sand in good shape.

P.S. I've used DE as a filter enhancer occassionally with good success.