Can i move the Hayward side discharge to up discharge?


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Jun 27, 2009
i just got a new hayward pro lx 1.5 hp pump side discharge on sale for 199.99... i want to know if i can unscrew the housing and turn it so its pointed up like regular pumps and rescrew it back on? or can i just getting a 90 degree fitting to route it upward? i think i just answered me own question any info on this mod or if anyone has done it let me know..........mike


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Mar 29, 2007
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You sure can :-D

Get yourself a new shaft seal assembly (SP 1500 - ?) and rip that puppy apart and reorient the discharge (you might even not have to take the impeller off to do it, but I think you'll have to).

I'm out tomorrow because of a job interview in Maine so won't be back on the board until Sunday pm or Monday.
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