Buying my Intex today!! OMG!!


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Apr 11, 2019
Buffalo, NY
Wow, Chayne, I admire your stamina. I just lay mine out in a big square(rectangle this year, 8 mats x 10 mats). I don't bother taping. Maybe I should have. Then I bring out the Shark cordless and vacuum the area to remove any dirt and stones that got on there because I'm too lazy to keep sweeping and sweeping and set up the pool on top. Something I did this year that's different is, I had pulled out two carpets from my house this Spring, both about 9 x 13, and both probably 20 years old, cut them to fit about an inch smaller than the mat area, then laid the tarp, then laid the mats. I have to say I like how it's working out this year. The suggestion came from my neighbor who is a pool builder. He said a couple years ago, that carpet would probably hold my sand layer better, since I'm setting up on blacktop with a very uneven 1 1/2 to 2 inch grade over less than 10 feet. I think he was right and I'm not sure what about the carpet that made the difference, but man, my pool bottom is flat, and soft, and thus far there are NO lines from the foam mats in the liner that I can see. I just wish we could use the pool. Only 46 degrees today. I'm getting tired of this cold spring we are having! This is ridiculous!