Buy new tank or replace parts on existing Tank?


Apr 3, 2014
North Carolina
Hello Everyone.

I need some advice. I have a Jandy DEL60 filter tank. 11 years in service. Well maintained. Grids swapped out beginning and end of each season. Pressure gauge and manifold replaced 6 years ago. After replacing grids recently, I noticed the DE and dirt being re-circulated into the pool. I decided to replace a lot of worn parts on the system i.e. tank 0-ring, new grids, outlet tube O-rings, tank clamp ring w/ retainer assembly, manifold assembly, breather tube etc.. 3 years ago the metal tank retainer ring fell off and I never replaced it and was going to buy a new one as well.I also noticed the tank started to leak very slightly. Should I spend a couple of hundred bucks on new parts or just upgrade the tank. DEL60 tanks are obsolete and have been replaced with the DEV60. I've also been looking at the Jandy CL cartridge tank. Whats the usual life span of a DEL60? I'd hate to spend on new parts for a tank that's reaching the end of its life-cycle.Also, how are the new cartridge filters compared with the grid filters?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


In The Industry
Jun 6, 2008
San Antonio, TX
With the DEL60 being obsolete, parts are starting to become harder to come by. I recently had a DEL60 that had a leak on the bottom half tank just below one of the coupling nut fittings and was going to just replace the bottom half tank part-no dice, it was no longer available. Just a little food for thought.