Bubbles from returns all day


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May 13, 2020
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I have new pool that has had water in it for about 6 months. It's an in ground, salt, pebbletec pool with floor returns. I have a Jandy variable speed pump that runs 8 hours a day at 1850 RPMs. For the last couple months, the floor returns in the deep end constantly bubble for 8 hours a day. Steady column of bubbles, not just a few bubble here and there, it never stops. This did not happen for the first 3-4 months. Everything I can find online says this should not be happening. I contacted the pool company several times. They came out and tried to fix it and could not, now they are telling me that it is normal to have bubbles with a variable speed pump and floor returns. All the service guys that have been here say it should not be happening. I get the impression they are frustrated with trying to fix and and are now telling me this is normal. I would think they would have told me that 2 months ago.

Anyone know if this is normal?
Is this just "cosmetic" and not an issue?
Any potential harm or premature wear on the equipment because of this?


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Jul 10, 2009
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Hi, welcome to TFP! When you get bubbles where there shouldn't be bubbles there are a couple of basic things we would like you to check first.
1. How high is the water level in the skimmer? It should be between 1/2 and 2/3rds up the skimmer opening.
2. Look inside the skimmer, is the weir door (flap in front of the skimmer) floating freely or does it seem to be stuck shut or all the way open?
3. Check that the drain plug on the pump pot is snug.
4. Check that the pump pot lid is on securely, also open the pump pot an put a generous coating of silicone pool lube on the pump pot lid O-ring.
5. Check that any above ground plumbing joints are well sealed. You can test this by running a stream of water over the joints while the pump is running. The pump pot should be full with no air except at very low speeds on a variable speed pump. Even then it should be a small amount of air in the pump pot lid, not bubbling through the system.