Bubblers and pool depth


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Feb 5, 2016
I really like the look of the bubblers but our ledge is on our second step which will be about 18" deep. Does anyone know if the bubblers will work in this depth?

That would be the ideal place to put them, but If that won't work, I could put them on the first step. i'm not sure how it would look on the first step...maybe too squashed against the side?


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Our bubblers (Pentair color cascade) came with soft rubber-like extensions that we are not using, but I would assume would help deeper bubblers have a similar effect to if they were in shallower water. Our bubblers are at 9" and I was told that was as deep as we should try to go. But, as I said, they could have gone deeper if we used the extensions. You can also help them break the surface more if you turn up the pump, but I wanted to get some effect even on lower speeds. I hope that helps.


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Feb 13, 2016
We really wanted bubblers on the ledge but the bubblers that my PB uses have a plastic recess part that may hurt a bit of walked or jumped on. Are your bubblers flush with the pool floor?