Bringing down TA - new pool owner.


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Jun 5, 2012
Hello all - I am new to TFP and a new pool owner ... having no idea what I was doing prior to finding this site. I am amazed at the knowledge that is shared here and I feel so much more prepared to care for my huge investment - Thank you to all contributors!!

My first post is a question:
I have been following the guide on water balance for SWG. I have been slowly making adjustments with the assistance of to get to the optimum levels and I think I am almost there. My current readings are:

FC: 5.0
CC: 0
pH: 7.5
TA: 120
CH: 190
CYA: 70-80 (still getting used to this test)
Salt: 3600
Water is crystal clear.

The trouble I am having is getting my TA down. It was as high as 150 and have treated the pool 4 times with Muriatic acid to bring the pH down to 7.0 and then aerating to bring pH back up, but the TA only seems to come down maybe 10ppm each time. I seem to be needing to adjust my pH almost everyday as creeps up quite quickly, and think the high TA is making my pH a little unstable (if I have understood what I have read so far). I do not have any other aeration other than use or manual.

Is this normal or should I be more aggressive with my treatment to get the TA down quicker, or just continue what I am doing for next week and expect to only see 10ppm drops in TA with each treatment?

My next step will be Borates, but want to get a good feel for chemistry control prior to taking that step.

Thank you for your assistance!


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May 7, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!

That is all normal. The process of lowering TA takes time. The PH rise will slow down as the TA goes down, and hopefully eventually stop.