Borax, Nature2,ProTeam Questions


May 15, 2007
Have read many posts and still have questions. Thanks
Have AG 5300 gal pool. Last year was new and they set me up on ProTeam and Nature2. Used 20 lbs ProTeam and maintained no FC last year. Had no problems. Dealers says don't check borate level. Nature2 recommends 0.5FC. Just opened pool and it looks ok. Just shocking and cleaning it now. Its numbers are 7.1ph, 120ta, and no reading on cya.
My questions are this: Did borates remain in pool from last year since it was not completely drained?
I am waiting on borate test strips until I add Borax to 50ppm level.
What if I did what the dealer recommends now, another 20lbs borax?
Is there such a thing as to many borates?
A previous post states that 30oz = 3cups,14oz. of acid(muratic)
I am going to use Nature2 one more year since I had cartridge.
Should 1.1oz of calcium hypochlorite raise FC in 10000 gal to 0.5ppm?
I am waiting a few days to raise ph with additional borax treatment.
I think CYA is out of wack?
Thanks so much