Blue Wave 3" Stabilized chlorine tablets

Jul 9, 2007
I received the Blue Wave 3" tablets with my pool and want to use them up. I have the test strips which I know aren't very reliable and I also have the 3 way test kit from Walmart. I have a 30' above ground pool and the water looks great. I check the Chlorine & PH daily with the 3 way kit and they are fine. Last week, my PH levels were high & the FC didn't register on the test strips, I put in 3 jugs of 6% bleach as instruction from another post and went to Walmart and got the 3-way tester and the next morning Chlorine & PH were fine according to the test kit. Yesterday I test both with the strips & kit and my Chlorine was 0, so I added 2 of the 3" tablets to the skimmer and about 4 hours later the chlorine was up to 3. The only way I have to test the CYA is the test strips and it show 30-50. Everything looks fine, just wanting some feedback on if I'm heading for trouble. I did go out and buy some bleach, baking soda & borax, but wanted to use up the stuff I got also.


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
Most likely your CYA levels are low enough that using up the tabs you have will be fine. In fact, part of your problem might be that your CYA is too low. Without a CYA test it is difficult to know.

Getting a good test kit will help dramatically and save you money in the long run.

Remember, you should either have a tab in the skimmer at all times or be adding bleach daily (best done in the evening).


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Jun 24, 2007
I wouldn't recommend adding that tab to the skimmer unless you plan on replacing your pump in a year or so. Best spot is in an automatic feeder or a floating feeder although that isnt recommended on a vinyl pool.


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May 24, 2007
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You might want to use the floating feeder and tie it to the middle of the safety rope (if you have one). If not, be creative and tie any rope, just ensure it is in the middle away from anything that corrodes or the liner.

I would remove the floater when using the pool though. There could be a relatively high concentration of chlorine immediately around the floating feeder.