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May 21, 2011
We bought the new house 6 months ago and just now noticed the bird poop on the coping from black birds spitting. What a mess. There are some good ideas listed above which we will try. They jump over the rubber snakes. Any new ideas?



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Feb 26, 2010
Guam, USA
We've got brown tree snakes :evil: here on Guam. They've killed a significant percentage of our bird population. I'd be happy to send you a few if you want :lol:


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Apr 26, 2011
toronto canada
OK everbody...heres the scoop on those "blackbirds"
Over the years of having a pool and being severly frustrated by
blackbirds (namely grackos...which are the larger blackbirds)
who I have studied and watched...this is what happens
1...when their babies are born they clean the baby poop
from the nest, and make it into a white ball of s---,
and carry it in their beak and by nature must drop it
in a clear shiney preferably water place....this is their is insane...but thats what they do...and its
only the large blackbirds.
2...I have watched them drop this discusting mess on my
black car just after I washed it (car nice and shiny)
I have watched them come and drop it on my just
sealed wet looking driveway (as I said nice and shiny)
I have gone mad watching them drop it from air fly bye's
or land and drop it in my pool. Or the fountain we have.
3...It is discusting bacteria that must be gotten rid of asap
believe me when I say it is highly bacteria laden!!
4...It will drive all of you insane trying to keep these s.o.b. away
from above areas.
5...This will go on for all of spring season (mating time)
or until they have their broods and move on.
Following is a few things that work.
Air rifle with scope...I have no problem shooting them.
They only nest in evergreens...if you can get a ladder
and a branch extension cutting trimmer pole with curved saw on end
and rip out their nests...even if babys are in must do it.
Rubber snakes...lots of em...all around pool...move em each day.
Helium Party ballons tied on strings around deck and pool.
Owls do not work...period
You must be ruthless with them...and they will then not return
to your property next year.
They are now done the road at another pool owners property.
Hasta La Vista Blackbirds..."the only good one is a dead one"
From Uncle Paul in Toronto....Good Hunting to all


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May 14, 2015
If you can string some fishing line up in the air over where you don't want birds they will generally stay away. They don't like to be in places with too many flying hazards.

My husband just made a grid above and around our Kayak Pool with fishing wire. Didn't seem to work. They seem to find an entrance and go right back to dropping everything in. Is there someone out there that has had this work? If so, how small of openings did you leave?


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May 14, 2015
My husband practically built a fortress of fishing line over our pool and they still come. How high was your string? He made a grid but they fly through the holes.


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Apr 9, 2015
Sierra Vista, Az
Um, Yeah.... :twisted:

But I've got little kiddies and they would in turn shoot me for hurting "the sweet babies" :roll: :roll:

They'll be gone in a few weeks.

Hubby's bb gun is broken, maybe I'll be more prepared next year.... 8)
My daughter would be out there shooting them with she has assisted on reducing the population of wild rabbits since she was 3.


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Jun 3, 2014
Youngstown, OH
OMG I am dealing with this now... The railing is COVERED with poop.. It's disgusting.. I clean it every day and within 12 hours it's covered again.. Our solar cover is disgusting too.. :(


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Sep 27, 2016
Oshawa, ON, Canada
Starlings and Grackles are problematic when it's hatching season... They tend dump the droppings in the same area repeatedly. Water is a favourite. From what I gather it's to effectively wash the scent of the nest/babies away with the natural water flow. Removal of the nest is the sure-fire way to stop the problem. It stinks (literally) and hated it when we had that going on years ago at our old place. They nested in the siding of the barn and used the pool as an outhouse. Owls didn't work, steamers neither. We ended up waiting on the babies to fledge which only took a few weeks.


Jul 24, 2020
Middletown, Pennsylvania
I had a bird problem at the beginning of the 2020 pool season, 100 or more bird droppings per day. It got to the point that I would run the pool cleaner and before it was done there would be more. What I did was buy scare tape on Amazon and make 2' streamers, then attach the dreamers on 50 lb fishing line. Then stretch the fishing line over the pool from an elevated deck to the pool fence. The droppings in the pool immediately stopped. I could actually watch the birds on a bombing run veer away.