Best way to stabilize a wobbly ladder?


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Jun 23, 2015
Visalia CA
We just purchased an Intex 18'X48" inflatable ring pool. The A frame ladder it came with is terribly unstable. I am going to order a mat to go inside the pool to protect the liner. What is the best way to keep the ladder from moving?

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Jun 26, 2012
Edmond OK
I set mine on some paving stones, drilled holes thru the pavers, and anchored the legs to them using zip ties.

I don't have a picture with the zip ties installed, but this will give you the idea.



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May 19, 2015
Cumberland, KY
I don't have the type of pool you have, I have the 22x52 Intex ultra frame but anyways you could try some stakes over the bottom legs of the ladder maybe 2 on each leg in the front would hold it down and make it easier.
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