Best Way to set up large Intex Ultra XTR


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Oct 20, 2017
South-Central WI
Does the output pressure drop when it gets air in the lid? For me, if I've just put it together I have air in there for a minute or two of running, and then it slowly works it's way out.


Jul 2, 2020
Littleton, CO
UPDATE: Took it apart and put it all back together and seems to be work just fine now when it is on.. But when it is off it leaks (dripping) water from where the leaf basket attaches to pump. Here are pictures of the setup that we have from Intex, there are two little rubber rings on the part the leaf basket slides onto, and then like a plastic nut thing that we tighten once we put the basket into position.. are we missing a piece?? Should we add something to stop the leaking? This is super frustrating to say the least.20200727_182434.jpg20200727_182450.jpg