Balancing our new IG pool...


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Apr 18, 2010
Hello All,
I think things are going well with the new 26k gallon IG maui gem quartz pool.....but do have a question about a few things.

first, here are my numbers...
Chlorine: 1.0-1.5 (using the cheapie pentair test kit)
TA: 80
CYA: 20
CH: 260-270
PH: 7.2*

So it is a SWG pool...but since it is 12 days old i don't have Salt in yet (16 days away still).
the pool frog (Cl bacpac) and a (~daily) 96oz bleach have been the source of chlorine.

added 5lbs of stabilizer ~ 1 week ago but backwashed after 2 days so think i lost a lot of it.

brought TA up ~1 week ago from 50 to 80. it has held steady since.

was instructed by local chemical company to also add Calcium Chloride ~ 1 week ago when CH was brought that up to ~200 (with ~14 lbs Ca) and it has naturally risen to 260ish. order to keep the pH at 7.2 i've had to add ~1/2 gallon of MA every other day. it creeps to 7.4-7.5 and i knock it back down. Seem about right for this "new" of a pool?

I've been sweeping 2x/day for the first 10 days and daily since. residue was present for first 7-8 days and is basically non existant now.

water is clear and approx 80 degrees.

filter runs from 6am to 10pm.

Everything sound ok? Anything else i should be doing? Anything I shouldnt be doing?

I really want to make sure i do this right!!!

thanks so much.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Ditch the Frog...he's got copper and/or don't want metals in your water.

Increase your stabilizer and then, increase your FC.

You'll want stabilizer at 60-80 for SWG so get started that direction...raise it up to 50 or so.

Next increase your FC to around 3-6ppm never letting it get below 3.

That should keep you in good shape until you fire up the SWG....Everything else your doing seems fine.


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Apr 18, 2010
thanks Dave!!!
added ~5 kbs of cya to the skimmer (2.5lbs in each) using skimmer socks.
i also backwashed before to prevent washing it all away after.
should i also keep the pump on 24hrs to ensure good circ?

to get those 3.0- 6.0ppm levels, liquid bleach is ok i assume? best to add daily in the am?

also, alkalinity dropped today before doing anything to about 50...a sign of anything?
PH was right at 7.2....

thanks all!