Awakened after a long winter (Cover Off)


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Feb 25, 2011
South Jersey
Well it hit close to 80 degrees her in South Jersey yesterday and I just had to take a look.
Pulled the cover, the water looked great and I began to fill it to bring the water level back up. IMG-7990 (1).JPG
Water temperature was a chilly 58 degrees, brought out a lot of the deck furniture and then made a cocktail! Summer is just about here :)


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May 30, 2019
Yay for TFP! Mine was clear when the cover came off as well! Two week ago my water reached 74, a bit chilly for me, but the grandkids loved it. Then it was cool and rainy for two weeks, so waiting now to warm back up from 64. Still enjoying the deck though. Hope you are warm soon. Cheers!


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